Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aunt Kelly's

So we went up to Aunt Kelly's house since Ron's mom, Jo, came down for the weekend. It was pretty fun!

Here is the view just off the road up to Eagle Mountain. Yes, it really is that bare.

The sky was beautiful.

And... here are some little cow dots.

Jo and Bill in his truck.

Ron, wishing a car would get out of his way so he could take a corner at 80 mph.

Cotton candy clouds.

And this... This is Izzy! lol.

Ron, picking on Abby as usual.

Shauna in the kitchen.

Emily. I'm not quite sure what she's doing... Being Emily, I suppose. lol.

Ron's new love.

Bil and the girls. Mylie in his arms, then Abby on the botton right, Emily in the middle, and Shauna on the bottom left.

Such a way with the ladies! lol. :)

Emily looking up at the porch from the lawn.

Ron.. again.. picking on Abby.

Jo and Izzy

Jo smiling at Isabelle. She was giggling!

Abby, in the kitchen.

Aunt Kelly.

And again!

Abby and Emily trying to drive Ron's car away.

Shauna trying to keep Mylie from running away.

Yep, we had a good time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am so tired. I have gotten between three and six hours of sleep every night since this weekend. Time for me to take a nap. lol.

This week is going relatively well. It's Wednesday, which means the week is half-way over. (Yippee!)

So Ron and I, in our computer room, have a full size bed as a spare bed for when guests come to stay. I was the one who really pushed to get one so that if any of his family came to stay, they would have a place to sleep. Well, it's never used, and my mom wants a guest bed really badly. So what are we doing? Giving it to her and getting an air hockey table! Ha. We're going to have a full-on game room eventually. We'll have to put a TV in there, along with the PS2, XBOX, Nintendo 64, and Sega. (lol) Gamers for life, right? >.<

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mill Creek Canyon

So we stole away for our Sunday afternoon and wound up in Mill Creek Canyon. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Here's a big old tree that lives by the side of the road.

Look how lush the mountainside is!

Some petite little white flowers I found.

I love how many shades of green there are.

And a few yellow flowers to go with the white ones.

A sweet little creek we found near the road.

The edge was a bit slippery... Heh. Good thing I didn't fall in!

There were so many rocks just smothered with that bright green moss!

Sunshine coming through the trees and down the hill.

A teeny tiny little brook I found!

Look how tiny it is! And yet look how lush the vegetation is around it.

And more of the aforementioned creek; higher up, that is.

I found a ledge to lay on overlooking it!

I call him... Fred! And this is Fred's flower. Something tried to eat Fred's wing... =/

We hiked through a field of wild flowers to find this running water!

Here's the field, and here is Ron!

A bit further back, and I almost fell into the water we hiked there to find!

By far my favorite.

I've never seen a sky so clear, except for where the clouds are. ;)

It couldn't have been more beautiful.

Here is Ron showing me exactly how he feels about my camera pointed at him, yet again!

The wildflower field.

I love this picture. This was on a little trail we found and climbed.

Here is one of the few shots I let Ron take when he was able to wrestle the camera out of my hands.

I looooove these white trees! And there's the ring. :)

I love this picture as well. I love the size and depth difference of all the trees.

I was looking at the clouds and Ron decided to be silly.

Just look at those green eyes... Makes me fall in love all over again.

A beautiful rock outcropping mid-way up the hillside.

In the car on the way home!!!

Thus brings us to another end. More another day!!