Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wishing For Summer

Oh, world, I had the best day today that I have had in ages and I am craving summer so badly that I can physically feel it in my bones! Started my morning by sleeping in a deliciously perfect amount. There's something to be said for waking up at six thirty and realizing, "Self, you don't have to get up! Get back to sleep, crazy." I wandered out of bed by about ten or so, though I'd been lounging and relishing in the laziness for about an hour or so.

Once my lazy butt decided to get out of bed, I convinced the hubby that we needed to go have some breakfast. A Sunday isn't a Sunday without some yummy breakfast! We called Dan and Ash to see if they wanted to join us, and, SURPRISE!!!! They already had planned on breakfast with their fam and invited us to join them! We headed to Jim's and proceeded to have a nummy breakfast with even better conversation. It was so nice to just relax with some friends, enjoy some good food, tell some good jokes, and ease into our day.

From there, we had a bit of time, so we decided to head to Wal-Mart where I finally got my bike I've been wanting! Ron tried on hats. He didn't find one there that he liked.

We got home and I rode my new bike around for a little bit. Good God, the weather was amazing today! The sun was shining bright and the wind had just enough bite to take the edge off the heat. I was in heaven! I can tell how out of shape I've gotten, though! I remember when I was 13 and 14 I would spend hours on my bike! My friends and I would spend our entire evening riding around the neighborhood. I just went around a few streets and I could feel it! Ah well. That will change as I spend more time doing so this summer.

We spent a little bit of time shopping around Costco and found the item I'm currently lusting over.

I can't wait to go camping this summer and this is what I want to have when we do!!! It looks like just what we need, and I could definitely see it up in the middle of the woods with Kandice and Matt's tent close by!

After that, we met back up with Dan and Ash at the golf course. Chase and Jessica decided to come, too! Of course, they brought their two-year-old, Mason, and Dan and Ash brought little Zachary. He was an angel while we were there! Hard to believe he's a week old already. The boys spent about an hour and a half shooting some balls at the driving range while us girls sat around and gabbed.

As we were leaving, all of us were chatting about what we wanted to do after that. A few ideas were raised. Bowling, Poker, etc. What did we decide on? Just what every wannabe summer night needs! A barbeque! We planned on six or six thirtiesh over at Chase and Jessica's. Lo and behold, Dan and Ash showed up just after we pulled in! We were still getting out of the car. Talk about perfect timing. Chase barbequed up some awesome burgers and brats for the crew and there was plenty of pasta and my yummy contribution to go around.

Yep! Yummy yummy grape salad! We brought the beer, too. ;) All in all, it was the perfect end to SUCH an amazing day. I hope we have lots and lots just like it in the near future. Until next time!