Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Month!

Oh, what an interesting month it's been!

We are well on our way with our debt free goals. Our bill we are mostly concerned with will be paid off by the 29th of this month. (Even though there was an additional expense this month!)

And what, might you ask, was that expense?

Ta da!! Meet Beth. She's 26 years old. ('85 Chevy Blazer) Ron's newest baby. She has her fair share of issues, but he has been hard at work to get her all fixed up.

He's even been getting his fair share of help. Dan and his father-in-law came by to help him after Beth stopped idling. They brought a thirst for beer, a timing light and between the three of them, they got her running again!
On top of that, I spent a day in the ER. I woke up at about 1AM with some severe pelvic pressure. By 3AM, I was in such severe pain I was in tears. I waited until about 9AM to call Jaymi and have her take me to St. Mark's. I was there until 3PM. They performed all kinds of fun tests and concluded that.... Well, they didn't know. I showed my tests to the doc I work for who came up with an answer fairly quickly. I had a cyst that ruptured on my left ovary. That damn left ovary. I'm just about sick of it complaining at me. Look! They couldn't even get a vein in my arm. In my hand, it went!

Thank goodness it wasn't anything more serious! It was kind of fun getting to meet some of the people I talk to all the time at work. Somewhat awkward having the ultrasound tech work on me, though. ;)

Now, my final update for the month. I got some somewhat upsetting/exciting news just a few days ago. My work spouse, and best friend, who is five months pregnant, is going to be leaving us after the little one comes along. She's been with the company for six years and her and I have been working together for two and a half. I can't even imagine that place without her. It's even more difficult to imagine someone else there in her stead.

However, the good news? That means I am going to become the new office manager. That also means a pay increase for me and a huge step for Ron and I in reaching our goals!!

I guarantee that I will have lots of crying spells before she leaves, particularly the final week she is there, but I think it will, ultimately, be a good thing and step in the right direction for me.

Well, that's all the news I have for you right now!