Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

It's almost Halloween again. Can I just say that Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays? You should see my apartment. (Don't worry, pictures to follow.) It's just so easy to get in to the festivities! The leaves are crunching beneath your feet. The air is getting crisper. You can see the excited smiles on every child's face. Before you know it, you have goblins and witches at your front door, scary music in the background, and, by the end of the night, an empty bucket that once upon a time was full of goodies.

Then the weeks speed by and you are surrounded by family with the smell of apple pie and roasted turkey, spicy pumpkin and fluffy stuffing, starchy mashed potatoes and, of course, that green bean casserole! You sit around a big table and all at once you hear five different conversations passed back and forth. What feels like hours later, you push yourself away from the table, unbutton those levi's, looking around to see if anyone noticed, and then spend the rest of the day struggling not to fall asleep.

Then suddenly there is snow outside! The trees and ground are covered in it. You look to your neighbor's house across the street and see a jolly snowman staring back at you with his big black marble eyes. You gather 'round a giant tree all covered in lights, and tinsel, and bulbs. You all sing all the old fashioned Christmas Carols while sipping on hot cocoa. (Maybe grandma's has a little kick to it.) ;) The excitement builds as you snuggle in to sleep. You toss and turn for most of the night, and jump out of bed far earlier than you would normally. You run to the living room and suddenly it's a mess of torn wrapping paper, boxes, and bows. All you can hear is the excited chatter and each gift is newly discovered.

... God I love the holidays. (No, even MINE aren't quite THAT wonderful.)